Livermore Elementary: 970-488-6520

Red Feather Lakes Elementary: 970-488-6550

Stove Prairie Elementary 970-488-6575

Mountain Schools Principal: Tom Schachet

Livermore Elementary: 970-488-6520

Red Feather Lakes Elementary: 970-488-6550

Stove Prairie Elementary: 970-488-6575

Mountain Schools Principal: Tom Schachet

General Information

All About the Mountain Schools 

 3 Campuses, 1 School, And the Beautiful Colorado Rockies  

The Poudre School District’s Mountain Schools are considered ‘one school’ with three campuses that are situated in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado. These campuses are Livermore Elementary, Red Feather Lakes Elementary, and Stove Prairie Elementary and are one of the most unique school’s in Colorado.

Liv, Red, Stove

Every campus features a multi-graded learning environment. At each campus there are three certified teachers with combined classrooms. Each classroom has a small student/teacher ratio and is divided into the following grades:

  • Kindergarten/1st Grade (K-1)
  • 2nd Grade/3rd Grade (2-3)
  • 4th Grade/5th Grade (4-5)   

The intimate atmosphere ensures staff members know every student and encourages the highest level of instruction and learning opportunities. Our multi-age classrooms support differentiated instruction and deliver a standards-based curriculum with 21st century technology.

The Mountain Schools offer a challenging math program and learning opportunities that focus on literacy instruction, including a rigorous reading series with a literature-based component and integration of reading and writing. Classroom laptops and a media center complement all instructional areas. Art, music, media and techncology, STEM, and physical education are rotated through each week for specials.

Since we are such a unique school our staff excel at differentiating curriculum to meet individual student’s needs and offers a rich selection of programs to education “the whole child.”

  • We develop autonomous, inquisitive, and empowered learners. 

  • We will meet the individual needs of every student.

  • We will empower students to take ownership of their learning path.

  • We will facilitate student experiences that develop communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity